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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Family Barbecue

Today we invited my brother and his family over for a barbecue. My husband smoked a brisket through the night for today. I made some baked beans and picked up some of the Old Fashioned pre-made potato salad at Wal-Mart. We had brisket sandwiches that were oh so good! I have plenty more for tomorrow! I new I had a can of cherry pie filling in the cabinet. I had it to make a cheesecake but we had already used the cream cheese for bagels or something. So while I was picking up my tater salad I grabbed some Pillsbury ready made pie crust. Whipped this pie together and had it in the oven baking while the husband was slicing up the brisket by the time everyone was finished eating I was pulling the pie out of my convection oven. We had plenty of time for our dinner to digest while the pie cooled. Just before everyone was thinking about going home we had a slice of warm but not hot, cherry pie. Yum!

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