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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Camping Taylor Park, CO!

We are back from our 2 week vacation to Taylor Park, CO! What a great vacation we had. We camped in states we hadn't camped in before. We started our journey out of Oklahoma to south of Amarillo. We stayed in Palo Duro Canyon State Park, Texas! I was a bit taken back upon arrival when I had called a week before our arrival to confirm my reservation and double check how much I would owe on arrival. I was told I would owe $22 the reservation fee, but when I arrived and was asked how many children I brought and their ages I was given another daily fee of $5 per child for bringing my teen aged children, plus another 5$ a day a piece for my husband and I. We stayed here 2 nights! I was not happy to say the least, I am glad I didn't decide to let my kids bring friends!  We had a deer come into our campsite while my husband was playing a washers game with our son. The deer thought he was throwing it food. This deer was starving, I have never seen a deer so skinny. I thought state parks feed the wildlife, apparently not at the Palo Duro Canyon.  I understand not wanting to feed them but in my opinion it also helps maintain some wildlife in the park if it is regulated by the park. Beats them dying of starvation. We did see some pretty plump Wild Turkeys however.

Our 2nd stop was Sugarite Canyon State Park, NM! We were now in black bear country! How exciting! Or is it? We were a bit nervous, didn't much care for trying to keep anything with a scent out of the camper. We didn't remove everything we should have, but we were lucky we never seen a bear in our campground. Lake Alice Campground was known for frequent bear visits in the past. The Mesa's and Volcanic mountains were beautiful! I never seen anything like it!

Our Destination! Taylor Park, CO! All I can say is Heavenly! Just beautiful! We caught so much trout & ate it that I was getting tired of eating trout! That's about the time we sent my husband off with our new camping friend Kim and they together went with a fishing guide into the catch & release areas of fishing like true fly fisherman & fisher women. :) The remainder of our stay we filled with ATV riding through the mountains, camping rally activities and potlucks! We cannot wait to camp with all of them again next year! The downfall for Colorado Dream Ranch RV park where we stayed was the fact that we were slammed with another daily fee of $7 a day for having our children stay with us. We camped here a little over a week, but the campgrounds made up for it by supplying us with unlimited firewood,  & free homemade ice cream!! Mmmmmm!

Our first stop for the trip home we camped in Trinidad Lake State Park. We were given an extra $5 a day charge  to place the ticket in your vehicle window. Which they call a park pass. We had a great view of a mesa over the town of Trinidad, CO. This was a great place to relax for our trip home. Trinidad is such a nice historic town. I could have taken photographs all day of the buildings here.

We decided to drive straight to Oklahoma from Trinidad, CO. Our final camping spot was in Boiling Springs State Park, OK! Unfortunately, they were renovating the area that accesses the springs. I took some pictures of the campground. The stickers were unbearable I could not take my Pomeranian's 2 feet out of the gravel or they would have so many stickers in their fur. We were just a few hours from home and decided to cut out a day short of what we paid for. The family was tired and not resting well so we were home bound!

Now we are home and planning our next camping trip. We will be camping a week in Missouri!
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