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Monday, July 19, 2010

Camping Missouri!

What a vacation! First stop was Pomme De Terre Lake State Park, MO on our way to our final destination. We attended a Pop Up camper rally that we have been going to every year for the past 3 years. This year the rally was held at Mark Twain Lake the Ray Behrens Recreation area. We owned the whole loop! It was the most humid of all the rallies we have attended, not to mention the deer flies were larger than nickle sized in some cases and hovered in mid flight only to dive bomb you with numerous bites. I think the heat was more bearable than the flies! We toured the boyhood home of Mark Twain, took a Riverboat ride on the Mississippi River, cooled off on a tour of the Mark Twain Cave, squeezed in some Antique shopping and photographed many historical buildings in the town of Hannibal. MO. While camping at the lake we were asked by complete strangers if we would be witnesses for their marriage that was to take place in a Gazebo behind our campsite. We agreed and my husband and I officially became a part of the wedding party. We also celebrated 5 birthdays and a 35th wedding Anniversary during the rally! What an experience we will never forget!

I decided to play with some of my camping rally pics from our trip to Mark Twain Lake - Ray Behren's recreation area. Here's the collage I came up with from our excursions to the Mark Twain Boyhood home, Mark Twain Riverboat,  the Mark Twain Cave to our fine dining at the rally potlucks, outdoor games, and activities! 

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