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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend!

Mother's Day weekend was a hit for me! My husband spent some money on my newest craft project of stamping cards. He's like a lady in a shoe store! He wanted to buy everything. I was disappointed Hobby Lobby seemed to have ended their 50% off of rubber stamp sale right before Mother's Day weekend so we paid full price for everything. My husband wanted me to have the embossing kit and by Monday I needed more supplies and wouldn't you know the store would be having another 50% off sale! My husband picked me up some colored ink pads, distress ink pads he was buying all kinds of things I didn't even need. I had to return 50 dollars worth of items that he bought at full price so I still feel as if I made out okay. I wasn't feeling well all weekend or I would have went shopping for my self. He took my daughter and between the two of them they really did very well. He said he got off cheap for Mother's Day this year.  My son's girlfriend brought me a potted flower for Mother's Day. She is a nice girl. I need to make her a Thank You card!
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