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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Time for my next project!

I finished the T-shirt Quilt last night that I was doing for a friend. I'm so excited. I am a tad bit hard on myself over my work, I will say it is not perfect. Most definitely a handmade item they will always cherish. I will post pics soon as I get the hubby to hold it up for me so I can get a picture. My next project I signed myself up for is a summer fun card swap with the ladies at anysoldier.com. I bought Sure Cuts Alot software and have been playing around with some ideas, nothing was sparking my interest. Then I read on svgcuts.com forum about Inkscape and my idea started coming together. My card will consist of a frog I copied from someone's blog, I failed to keep track and I hope they forgive me for that. I will be glad to refer anyone to you if you know it was your svg or scut file! ;) I searched for cat tails finally founds some clipart and I copied it into inkscape and played with for hours and hours till I figured how I liked the cat tail. I have 20 cat tails cut! Just need to cut my frogs and do some more planning!
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